Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Corporations are people too, my friend."

Maybe if Mitt Romney would have been elected President, Jonathan Frieman would have stood a better chance in traffic court last week.  We all remember when Mitt Romney uttered the famous words, "Corporations are people too, my friend" to a heckler on the campaign trial.

Mr. Frieman remembered those words also when he was pulled over for driving alone in the carpool lane in Marin County, California.  As the officer approached his car, Mr. Frieman reached to his passenger seat and picked up legal papers related to a corporation that he had just formed.

He argued to the police officer that he was not alone in his car because he was carrying a corporation with him.  The officer didn't buy it.  Neither did the court.  Lowering the Bar, the legal humor blog, reports that Mr. Frieman's argument was rejected by the traffic court and he was fined $478.00.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Frieman plans to appeal.

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