Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Presidential Candidates’ Views on Jury Service

Thanks to Jur-E Bulletin (National Center for State Courts) for finding two articles shedding some light on the presidential candidates’ views on jury service. A Time magazine article from August 2015, reported that Mr. Trump was “one for six for fulfilling his jury duty summonses. A judge fined him $250 earlier this year for ignoring every summons for nearly a decade.”

Politico reported the following e-mail exchange between Secretary Clinton and a staff member:

In one exchange from August 2011, Clinton gives a thumbs up to aide Jake Sullivan’s apparent attempt to not get picked for a trial when called for jury duty. “Look and sound eager--you'll be viewed as too crazy for either side to pick, according to Kurt,” Clinton emails Sullivan. He then replies with his own approach: “My prosecutor friend told me I simply have to say I trust cops.” Clinton seemed to approve. “Perfect!” she replied.