Friday, February 1, 2013

Casey Anthony Filed Bankruptcy.

Casey Anthony filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Friday, January 25, 2013. The Northern Law Blog has obtained an exclusive copy of her bankruptcy petition.  (Well, kind of...I found it on the internet.)  The petition is pretty interesting.  Casey discloses zero income.  She says that she's been unemployed for four years.  She also lists zero monthly expenses.  No rent, no utilities, no car payment, nothing.  Also, the lawyer who filed the case provided is representing her for free.  

She discloses nearly $1 million in debt, but the actual number is a lot higher.  More than half of her debts are listed as an "unknown" value.  Her largest creditor is her former lawyer, Jose Baez, the guy who who got her acquitted of murder charges. She owes him $500,000.  I hope his business picked up after he won that case.

There was one other curious aspect that I wanted to point out.  DePaul University College of Law is listed as a creditor with an "unknown" amount of debt.  DePaul's debt is described as "consulting fees."  I don't remember hearing about their involvement during that case.  I wonder if any students worked on that case?  

The really interesting question, however, is who has standing under Florida law to object to Casey Anthony's discharge on behalf of the deceased minor child.  The estate of the deceased child would have to prove that Casey Anthony caused a willful and malicious injury to the decedent.  If so, the estate would be entitled to a cut of the future income of Casey Anthony, if any.

Anyway, HERE is a link to the petition and schedules if you want to check them out.

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