Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Rich Get Richer. (Sarcasm)

You will recall that I have been alerting my loyal readers for years about class action lawsuits in which you may be able to file claims.  I have written about some of my greatest settlements HERE and HERE.  

Well, today I received another check.  This case involved the use of credit cards overseas.  I heard about it just after I returned from the Philippines last summer.  Luckily I used my credit card when I was down there because HERE is copy of my latest settlement check.  That's right.  Read it and weep.

You will also see at the very bottom, I have been alerted that I may be a member of another class in a second lawsuit involving foreign transaction fees.  How much good luck can one guy have?!?!?!  

I haven't looked into it yet, but it appears that I may be entitled to another settlement check.  Three or four more of these and I'll be able to buy a nice steak dinner!!

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