Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I alerted you foreclosure defense lawyers to the name Linda Green last summer.  There was a segment on 60 Minutes back in July that uncovered thousands of foreclosure documents all signed by someone named "Linda Green."  They even interviewed former employees of several mortgage servicing firms that said they had signed the name Linda Green to hundreds of documents per day over a long period of time.  

Well, today there is an article in the Rockford Register Star that quotes the Winnebago County Recorder as saying that she still sees frequent evidence of robo-signing.  She says that Linda Green is appearing less frequently on recorded documents, but there are new names that make her suspicious.  The names "Pat Kingston" and "Brian Blaine" are two of those names.  The same names appear written in different handwriting and also as employees of different companies.  For instance, Brian Blaine has signed affidavits as a Vice President of Chase Mortgage Bank, Washington Mutual Bank, Nations Credit Financial Services Corp., and Indymac Federal Bank.  

Keep an eye out for those names!  The Register Star article can be accessed HERE.

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