Sunday, September 26, 2010

He's still not paying his bills.

I wrote about Bryan Siewin back in February 2009. At that time, someone broke into his house, caused about $70,000 worth of damage, and spray painted "Pay Your Bills" all over the walls.

Well, it seems that he didn't quite learn his lesson. He was been sued by Von Tobel lumber in an attempt to recover payment for approximatley $375,000 worth of lumber that they sold him.

Here is the latest article from the Northwest Indiana Times.


Unknown said...

You have NO IDEA what you are talking about and saying! Before you start saying bad things about someone you really should get all your facts straight! Furthermore you have no idea who Bryan really is and what he has gone through in the last few years of these tough economic times. Bryan employed a lot of people and always went above and beyond to take care of his staff, he treated them with utmost loyalty and respect. Bryan always had and still has to this day taken great care and concern with any and all vendors and he always has taken pride in paying his bills on time until the strong economic downturn that occurred and was beyond his control! Bryan Siewin is my best friend and a Christian businessman that is an incredible person who is a very talented and an extremely responsible caring person! I personally know Bryan very well and the genuine person he really is. I cannot and will not let anyone say anything negative or derogatory about Bryan and I will strongly dispute any negative things ANYONE has to say about him!

Unknown said...

Dean, you obviously believe in Bryan.....the rest of Porter County doesn't. Bryan or his previous partner, Justin Brooks!

Brutal Honesty! said...

I've known Bryan about 33 years. He has always been rude, arrogant, selfish, and a bully in his younger years. You can defend him all you want Dean but the matter of the fact is Bryan has two different sides. He has a public side which is very fake and well acted. A behind closed doors side which is not a good person. If you know him as well as you say Dean, you should know what a phony yet great actor he is. Sorry Dean but I'm going to guess that most of the public will agree with what I have written.