Monday, February 23, 2009

Extreme Debt Collection Tactics

Porter County, Indiana police report that someone broke into the home of Signature Construction Company's president Bryan Siewin and spray painted "Pay your bills" on the walls. The intruders also caused $70,000 damage to the home; stole five guns and a safe containing jewelry and $15,000 cash; and stole a 2007 BMW X5 sport utility vehicle that was parked in the garage. The vehicle was eventually found floating down the Iroquois River, about 40 feet from the riverbank, with its lights activated and the keys in the ignition.

Someone is in a whole lot of trouble. I wonder how long it will be before they catch the vigilante creditor. Especially once he starts trying to sell the stolen guns. But I also wonder about the circumstances of Mr. Siewin's bills. Why was he keeping his money in a safe in his house rather than the bank? And how could he afford a $40,000 SUV if he did in fact have substantial outstanding debts? Looks to me like we might have two people in the wrong once the IRS gets involved.

Article courtesy of the Northwest Indiana Times.

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