Thursday, April 30, 2009

Woman caught hiding $800,000 from husband, Sues the bank for telling him

A Long Island, New York woman is suing Chase Bank for telling her husband that she had a secret account worth more than $800,000 at the bank.

Chase Bank cold called the house to offer investment advice. The husband answered the phone. The Bank told him about the account.

The husband then "began harassing [the wife], asking for money from the funds that he can invest in the stock market and to cover a margin call he had on his stock account," the wife's suit says. The husband then began "alienating" the wife, so she forked over $155,000 "to save her marriage and restore order in the marital home," the suit says.

The wife is now suing the bank to recover the $155,000 that she paid to her husband on the grounds that the bank violated federal privacy laws that "prohibit the disclosure of non-public, personal information."


Anonymous said...

Don't get any ideas...
- Carmel

Peter C. Bastianen said...

An example of money getting in the way of marital bliss.

Anonymous said...

Also what from this follows?