Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They should make a movie.

I just read an interesting article about one of the most highly publicized criminal cases currently pending in Germany. Three men allegedly lowered themselves from the roof of one of Berlin's most luxurious department stores via ropes down into store's jewelry department, all the while evading the store's motion sensors.

After smashing the glass and stealing more than than $7 million worth of jewels, the men escaped. The police, however, found a glove at the scene that contained DNA. The DNA, however, belonged to two diferent people. The suspects were identical twins. Their DNA was indistinguishable.

The defendants were granted separate trials. Neither man could be conclusively linked to the scene, even though there is speculation that they were both there. Both men could argue that someone else's DNA was found at the scene. The charges were dropped and the men were released on Wednesday. The jewels have not been recovered.

Time reports that the statute of limitations for burglary cases in Germany is ten years. I wonder if these guys will be followed around for a while. More details here.

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