Thursday, December 19, 2013

Track Down Your Unclaimed Money

Although I did not win the Mega Millions, I'm still a big winner this week. I just came across a website that links to every state's unclaimed property departments. Every state has a process by which "abandoned" property (usually money) is turned over to the government after a set period of time. The government then holds the funds until the rightful owner files a claim. If they can verify your identity, they will release your money. 

I decided to search for my own name just out of curiosity. It turns out that I have "<$10" (less than ten bucks) being held by the Illinois Treasurer. It was apparently from an old PayPal account that I had. I must have started a second PayPal account and forgot about the first one, or something...I'm still not sure.  

Anyway, here is the website: You should probably search for your name under every state in which you have ever lived. You might hit the big one. And if you do, just remember that my fee is one-third. We're on the honor system here. Good luck!!


Brian D. Moore said...

Just found my brother ">100".
Thanks, Mike!

Michael W. Huseman said...

It pays to read the Northern Law Blog!