Saturday, January 26, 2013

Only an insurance company could suck the joy out of a made half-court basketball shot.

John Queenan, of Trumbull, Connecticut, won a drawing at a Fairfield University basketball game to shoot a half-court shot.  If he made the shot, he was told that he would win a new car, valued at $17,000.  Here's what happened:

He banked it in from straight away.  He thought he had just won a new car.  However, the insurance company that was responsible for paying out the prize wasn't so sure.  The woman who was overseeing the contest that night at the game told him that the video needed to be forwarded to the insurance company because there was a concern that he had stepped on the line while taking the shot.

I've watched the video several times.  First of all, there is no line in the middle where he is standing.  Second, even if the line had continued directly across the logo on the court, this guy would not have been over the line!!

After a full day of waiting, they eventually told him that they had approved the claim and he would be getting his new car.  Leave it to an insurance company!!

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