Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aurora Beacon's Blog Log

The Northern Law Blog received a nice feature in yesterday's Aurora Beacon newspaper.  HERE is a link to the article.  A free registration is required to view the article.  Your free registration gets you access to the Sun-Times, Aurora Beacon, Naperville Sun, and other websites, so please register.  Here is the article:
"Michael Huseman knows the ins and outs of Illinois law. Huseman, 35, has been practicing law in Aurora since 2003. He shares law news and advice on his blog Northern Law Blog. 
“I started the Northern Law Blog to communicate with my clients about general topics that may interest them,” Huseman said. “I read several newspapers and many different blogs every day. I often come across topics that I want to share or expand upon.” 
Huseman’s blog appeals to clients, other lawyers and those intrigued by interesting law news. In recent posts, Huseman writes about mistaken identity and the question of corporations possessing personhood. Posts can range from informative to jovial news stories pertaining to law, but also act as a resource for other lawyers, including information about available jobs. Regardless of the topic, Huseman presents each issue in an approachable and understandable way. 
“I have tried to make myself accessible through the blog. I want to communicate that my firm is here to help people in need,” Huseman said. “If we cannot assist with your particular issue, I probably know someone who can help.” 
Readers need not be lawyers to find the value in Huseman’s blog though. Many posts are special interest topics that would find mass appeal. One post discussed a bill presented in Congress, proposing that unused gift cards need not face penalty or expiration. Another post discussed the Drew Peterson case, a topic that intrigued more than just lawyers. Reader participation is encouraged, allowing spectators to state their opinion through commenting. 
Interested in learning more about law? Read Huseman’s blog at"

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