Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Drew Peterson case just got interesting.

Drew Peterson's new lawyers just filed a Motion for a New Trial Based on the Ineffective Assistance of Attorney Joel Brodsky, a complete copy of which is embedded below.  This motion is full of juicy stuff.  The allegations of ineffective assistance are contained on pages 5 and 6. Among them:

  • Joel Brodsky had never tried a felony jury trial before this one, much less a murder case.
  • Joel Brodsky refused to file a speedy trial demand for Drew Peterson, which lead to a 3 year delay and allowed the State enough time to enact "Drew's Law."
  • Joel Brodsky assured Drew Peterson that they would both make money from the pretrial publicity.
  • Joel Brodsky threatened to reveal confidential information if Drew tried to fire him.  (I wonder what confidential information he was talking about...???)
Attached as exhibit to the motion is a letter written to Joel Brodsky by Steve Greenberg.  This letter is GREAT!!  It contains many more juicy allegations than are contained in the body of the motion.  I highly suggest that you spend 5 minutes reading it.  

(h/t @facsmiley)

Drew Peterson Ineffective Counsel Motion against Joel Brodsky

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