Monday, October 29, 2012

Free Illinois Court Forms

I just came across a website called  The website contains over 2,000 Illinois legal forms, usually categorized by county. It also has bankruptcy and Federal Court forms.  All of the forms open in Microsoft Word, so they are easily filled-in or modified.  You must register to access the forms, but registration is free.  It looks like a pretty useful site.  


Michael W. Huseman said...

Update: I just used a Kane County Form and it worked pretty well.

Hunter Steele said...

Thanks Mike! We are adding more forms every week and hope to have all County, District, State and Federal forms covered for Illinois by Christmas.

We also have a document automation tool that allows you to access all of these forms from within Microsoft Word, and help you fill them out with merge fields.

The Smokeball Toolbar also allows you to create your own templates to merge your client and matter information with.

If you are interested, check out , or you can get in touch with me directly at