Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slow Justice

Most of you will remember that I received a speeding ticket on the way to court several months ago.  I wrote THIS blog post about my attempt to have the ticket dismissed.  Several people have asked me for updates lately.  I still haven't argued my motion to dismiss yet.  You can be sure that I will update you once there is a resolution on my ticket.  

I just checked the dates as I was writing this post.  I was ticketed on January 17th.  The first court date was March 2nd.  At that time, the Judge wanted to continue the case to read the case law.  It was continued to April 13th.  I just got a call from the prosecuting attorney who informed me that the Judge was not going to be in court tomorrow, but that another judge would be sitting in his place.  So, we just agreed to a continuance to May 4th.

I will let you know what happens on May 4th.  Hopefully, it is good news.


Anonymous said...

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Marcella said...

What happened to your meeting last May 4? It's almost 4 months since you received that speeding ticket. Hopefully, there will be a good news despite of "slow justice".
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Lena Harris said...

I was also apprehended last February for the same offense. I have filed the same motion as you did and it's still pending. I can't believe that even in an advance society like America, slow justice system is still a big issue.

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truck accident lawyer los angeles said...

One of the reasons why we experience slow justice no matter where we live is the lack of funding in our courts. Our judicial system should request for more budget to suffice everyday operations.

car accident lawyer said...

Trials really do drag by slowly, don't lose hope.

Unknown said...

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