Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome Midwest IEC!

I had the opportunity to speak to the Midwest Independent Electrical Contractors Association late last week.  I want to thank Kevin McNulty and the rest of the Board for the hospitality and the pizza.

Some of the members in attendance that evening had questions about the mechanics lien process.  I directed people to this blog, but there is a lot of information on this site so I wanted to make it easier to find the stuff that you guys were looking for.

HERE is a link to all of the mechanics lien articles I have written on this blog.

HERE is a link to the mechanics lien cheat sheet that I told the members about last week.

HERE is a link to the subcontractor's notice to homeowners that must be sent out within 60 days of your first performing work or delivering materials to the job site.  Again, this notice only applies to subcontractor jobs involving owner occupied, single-family residences.  And remember that I do not practice law in Indiana.  On the form, remember to fill in the date that you first provided services into the middle of the document.

Lastly, always remember that it is generally advisable to speak to a lawyer about your specific situation.  Mechanics liens are very technical and even a minor mistake can defeat the whole process.  

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