Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top 50 Law Blogs in North America

I just came across a website called  They advertise themselves as having "in-depth articles from industry experts, the latest media news, new placement opportunities and profiles of top media contacts," etc.  An article on that website dated May 17, 2011 ranks the Top 50 Law Blogs in North America, as ranked solely by the number of unique visitors per month that each receives.  The full list appears HERE.

For some reason, the Top 50 list actually contains 51 law blogs.  The blog ranked number 51 gets 5,175 unique visitors per month.  The statistics that I get from Google concerning the Northern Law Blog don't include the number of "unique" visitors that we receive every month.  It just tells me the number of "visitors" that we receive.

During the first quarter of 2011, the Northern Law Blog averaged 3,348 visitors per month.  According to my math, that's not too far from 5,175.  Can it be??  Are we close to making the Top 50 Law Blogs in North America???  I have heard recently from several people that we are appearing extremely high in google searches on many different topics.  I get random telephone calls and emails from potential clients around the country because I have been writing most of the content on the site lately.  This blog is a great way to bring publicity to your own practices by picking a topic and attaching your name to it.

This post is another call for contributors.  We are very close to hitting the "big time" on this blog.  Every little bit will help.  Not only would the current contributors to the Law Blog appreciate new posts written by new authors, but even every comment will help.  Comments on this blog even rank very highly on Google.  Or link to this site from your own site, Linkedin page, facebook page, etc.  Spread the word.  Each person whose name is listed on this site as a contributor will thank you.  If you would like to see your name listed on this site as a contributor, please contact me directly at  Thanks.

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