Friday, May 20, 2011

NIU Grad Wins Convictions in Burnt Baby Case

Jennifer Grady-Paswater (NIU-COL 2004) obtained convictions following trial against a woman who was charged with burning her then 16 month old baby in June 2008.  The baby had second degree burns on its back and forehead.  The State's experts could not determine what caused the burns, but they could tell that the burns were not consistent with sunburn, as the mother had claimed.

Cara M. Geckles was found guilty of aggravated battery to a child causing great bodily harm, which carries a possible sentence of 6 to 30 years. She was also convicted of aggravated battery to a child causing disfigurement, which carries a possible sentence of 2 to 5 years.

Sentencing has been scheduled for July 12th.  Full details from the State Journal-Register can be found HERE.

Great job Jen! 

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Anonymous said...

I hope it weighs heavily on your mind that you sent an innocent woman to jail. I was there the day that her son got the burn from laying in his crib by a window with no curtain. This WAS a sunburn, I know this to be a fact because, unlike you, I was present for the incident. I have no faith in the system now and I hope you are proud of yourself (obviously dripping with sarcasm). I didn't used to think that things like this happen in real life but it is apparent that is not the case and if it can happen to Cara it can happen to anyone, innocent people losing the best years of their lives because of circumstances and people refusing to see the truth. I agree that the sunburn was neglectful on Cara's part but that is the only blame you can place.