Friday, May 13, 2011

Joliet Establishes Housing Court

The Joliet City Council recently passed a new ordinance that will create a city-run housing court.  The court will enforce the city's building code and will have the ability to assess fines on non-compliant homeowners. 

I don't know exactly how many other local municipalities have housing or building courts, but I do appear regularly at the Aurora building court, and I have appeared about a half-dozen times in West Chicago's building court.  It seems that a major function of these courts is to combat the problems associated with absentee landlords and foreclosures. 

The information that I read regarding Joliet's proposed housing court does not indicate when this process will begin.  If anyone else has any information, I would appreciate it if you could reply in the comment section.  Thanks.


new homes said...

This is a very welcome development. Hopefully they will help in mediation about housing disputes.

apartment for rent in makati said...

At least it's a good development for the real estate in the area. It's beneficial for the community.

Anna said...

I would support this new policy if it will protect leasers and occupants. I'm lucky I found a great apartment for rent in Makati.

Karel said...

It's a good thing this policy is not implemented in Manila real estate properties.