Friday, October 29, 2010

NIU Law Review Online

For the past several months, Jason Meares, the 2010-11 Editor-in-Chief of the NIU Law Review, and the Board of Editors have been working on increasing the presence of the NIU Law Review on the internet. He follows in the footsteps of the previous boards who also aimed at increasing the Review's readership through the internet.

Last year, under the direction of the then Editor-in-Chief, Steve Boldt, the NIU Law Review published its first issue of their online journal, which can be found here. The online journal allows the Board to publish more content and make that content available to a large audience.

The Review's website has undergone some changes with web hosting and design over the past six months. Thanks to the efforts of the 2010-11 Board of Editors, volumes 26 through 30 are now available online.

Here are some highlights from these issues:
  • Alex Geocaris, 2010-11 Managing Editor, wrote about the new "search incident to arrest" exception to the warrant requirement of the 4th Amendment expounded by Arizona v. Gant.
  • Also writing about the warrant requirement of the 4th Amendment , Daniel Kegl wrote about the "single -purpose container" exception and the inconsistent application by the federal courts.
  • Jason Meares argues that the exclusion of settled defendants when determining liability pursuant to Illinois Code of Civil Procedure section 2-1117—as decided in Ready v. United/Goedecke Services, against the intentions of the statute and unsound policy.
  • And, my article about Illinois' Winery Shipper's License, Granholm v. Heald, and the dormant Commerce Clause can be found in volume 30 issue 2.

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