Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NIU Law School is the 13th Best Value in the Country.

preLaw Magazine and the National Jurist have ranked this country's law schools by value.  Law schools make the Best Value rankings if they meet three criteria:  Their bar pass rate is higher than the state average; their average indebtedness after graduation is below $100,000; and their employment rate nine months after graduation is 85 percent of the class or higher.

NIU ranks 13th on their list, higher than any other law school in Illinois. Click here for the full explanation of the rankings from NationalJurist.com.

2010 Best Value Law Schools: The Top 20

1 Georgia State University
2 Brigham Young University , UT
3 University of Louisville
4 University of Nebraska--Lincoln
5 University of Kansas
6 University of New Mexico
7 University of Mississippi
8 Florida State University
9 University of Memphis
10 Florida International
11 University of Tennessee
12 University of South Carolina
13 Northern Illinois University
14 University of Kentucky
15 University of Georgia
16 University of Alabama
17 Texas Tech University
18 Louisiana State University
19 University of North Dakota
20 University of Florida

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