Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness!!!!!!

A University Of Washington law student named James, who seems to love March Madness almost as much as I do, attempted to move his Taxation LL.M. final to March 22 so he could watch the tournament. Here is a copy of his request, and the administration's cold, heartless response:

The following exam reschedule request has been submitted.
Name: James ***
Student ID: ****
Phone: 208-***-****
Email: ****

Current class exams and professors:
Sat. March 13 - 1:00 PMT511B Partnership Tax (Donaldson), Mon. March 16 - 6:00 PM T516B Int'l Taxation II (Gianni), Tue. Mar 17, 1:00 PM T510 Estate & Gift Tax (Drake) [24Hr Take-Home], Fri. March 19 - 6:00 PM T521B Comp & Benefits (Thorson)
Reschedule reason(s):

* Other. (Non-automatic, subject to Associate Dean approval)

The first weekend of the NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament occurs on March 18-21 this year. This is, by far, my favorite weekend of the year, specifically Thursday and Friday, in which the first round takes place. I am not a member of any church and have no children, so I consider this my "holiday," the most important day of the year. For the past several years, a couple of friends of mine, who are in similar position in life, and I have spent the weekend enjoying this "holiday" in Reno, NV. It is a central location for the gathering and meeting there for this weekend has become a tradition that has become very important and dear to me.

I understand that this is not a typical request, but I'd like to move my Compensation and Benefits final to the following Monday (3/22) or earlier in finals week. This is so important to me that I wouldn't even mind it if it were rescheduled during a day that I already have a final.

Please give my request ample consideration. I appreciate your time.

Reschedule class:
Fri. March 19 - 6:00 PM T521B Comp & Benefits (Thorson)
Requested date: Wednesday, March 17
Requested time: 1:00 PM

And then the cold, unfeeling registrar named "Pontus" shatters his dreams...

From: Lawnews
Subject: RE: Exam Reschedule Request
To: ****
Cc: "'lawnews'"
Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 3:10 PM

This reschedule request is denied; this request does not in any way meet the exam rescheduling guidelines.

Variation from the original exam date/time will be permitted only for an automatic reason (options above), severe mental or physical illness, or very unusual or demanding circumstances that make it unreasonably difficult or burdensome to meet the scheduled time. Rescheduling exam is not done generally for activities such as travel, field research, interviews (personal or school related) and other personal events such as weddings, reunions, etc.

Considering the importance of this event to you, you may have wanted to make different course selections based on the exam schedule, which was available ahead of the start of Winter classes.


Pontus Niklasson

Registrar & Director

Academic Services

University of Washington School of Law
William H. Gates Hall, Room 361

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