Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Text me.

A Las Vegas personal injury lawyer has introduced TV ads with a text number that can be used to contact his firm after an accident.

Lawyer Ed Bernstein has spent $50,000 in the past year in his texting initiative, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Berstein had to sign agreements with every cell carrier for his new dedicated texting number and he has to pay monthly fees for the service.

Consumers who text Bernstein will get an automatic response with five options. They include tips on what to do after an accident, a chance to schedule an appointment, and an opportunity to get a phone call from a lawyer.

I'm surprised this took so long. I'm not surprised, however, that the first lawyer to do it represents injured people in Las Vegas.

For what other areas of the law would this work? I suppose criminal lawyers will be next. You should be able to text you lawyer right after you get pulled over leaving the tavern, but before the cop approaches your window.


Anonymous said...

Why did he have to sign agreements with every cell carrier? Why can't he just set up a regular number and receive texts on that?

Waseem A. Mateen said...

I think the next big thing will be an iPhone application that will essentially do the same thing more efficiently and easily. I wouldn't be surprised if there is already one out there or at least in the works.