Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mortgage Lenders Kill People. (Allegedly.)

Dianne McLeod's husband suffered a heart attack in 2002. He was unable to work and went on disability. Dianne McLeod says they then fell behind on their mortgage payments.

This was when debt collectors started calling their home up to ten times per day.

Dianne McLeod says that she witnessed her husband get red-faced, agitated, and sweaty while fighting with debt collectors over the phone. He would also complain of chest pains after hanging up the phone.

Stanley McLeod died of heart failure in 2005.

Dianne McLeod believes that harrassing phone calls from her mortgage lender and their debt collectors killed her husband. She is suing her mortgage company, Green Tree Servicing, for wrongful death.

This case recently survived motions to dismiss and will proceed to trial.

Not to make light of the situation, but I wonder if the lender alleged that Mr. McLeod was contributorily negligent for answering the phone.  It does take two to tango, does it not?

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Anonymous said...

That's just silly. I'm sure his physical health and medical history had nothing to do with his death.