Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bar Exam Results

The week that the bar exam results are released is usually agonizing for test takers. The results are posted online, but no one knows exactly when they will be posted. For the last couple of days, many test takers have quick triggers on the keyboard and don't ever want to be too far away from a computer.

To help ease that anxiety, this year's results were going to be posted in smaller groups. Emails were supposed to go out letting people know that their groups' scores were online. They were then supposed to log in to see if they passed.

Many of this year's test takers were more frustrated than ever, however, when the IBABY website was inaccessible for long periods of time on the day that the results were posted.

Wow. That's terrible. I bet the Board of Admissions to the Bar felt horribly and issued an apology.

Nope. Guess again. They blamed the test takers. A representative from IBABY said that the test takers have no one to blame but themselves. He explained that many overanxious applicants checked the website before they received their email notification and the influx made it harder for those who had received email notification to check their results. "Some applicants are not using the system in the way it was designed to be used," he said.

In other words, they're too dumb to even check their scores without screwing up. I'll bet that made them feel a lot better.


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