Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I think he pushed him.

I received a call from attorney Mark Brennan who was upset by the label that I applied to him in the previous title to this post. He also claims that he didn't push opposing counsel during the hearing. So I changed the title to the post.

Colorado attorney Mark Brennan was recently cited for contempt of court TWICE during his own DISCIPLINARY HEARING relating to allegations of past misconduct!

Then he pushed his opposing counsel!! And it is on video!!! The presiding judge actually had to admonish the lawyers that it wasn't "trial by combat"!!!!

You have to check out this link, courtesy of Lowering the Bar. Here is another article about the shoving incident.


Audit Attorneys in Los Angeles said...

People like this just don't help the breaking down of attorney stereotypes. Aarghh.

Mark Brennan said...

I would invite you to investigate the truth concerning this matter before rushing to judgment. Westword is the only medium that has covered this story fairly. Carolyn Elefant at MyShingle.com and Sean Harrington at knowyourcourts.com are the only bloggers who have taken the time to study the case closely and reached fair conclusions. I won a $1.22 million jury verdict fairly and squarely, only to see it tossed by an incompetent or corrupt federal judge on a whim. The City nonetheless paid my client $850,000 to settle. I did an excellent job for my client, far better than you probably could have done on your best day. That I have nevertheless been virtually disbarred is the real scandal. Perhaps once you have taken the time to get the facts, you will agree.