Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good business card trick.

I came across a great way to make sure that you will never lose a business contact for failure to have a business card on you. I have seen it described online as a $7.00 insurance policy against losing a business contact.

Most people's contact information appears online at some place or another, but it can be difficult to explain to someone, and more difficult for them to remember, the web address to your law firm's site, your facebook page, etc. Even if you just say "google me," they still have to remember how to spell your last name. That is the point of having business cards. But what do you do if you are caught without your business card?

For roughly $7.00 you can purchase an internet domain featuring your first name only. I chose That way, if I don't have a card on me when I meet someone, I can direct them to that short and simple website rather than explaining to them that my law firm's website is at, Dreyer has two Es, and Foote has an E at the end, etc.

The idea was originally proposed by this guy. As you can see from the comments to his blog, most people love this idea. Although I have seen other people say that this is ridiculous and pretentious, I think it is a great idea.

By the way, if my business cards were as awesome as the one pictured above, I would never leave home without them.

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