Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Brother is watching...and listening

This interesting example of the utmost invasion of privacy is out of London. A 48-year-old woman was apparently arrested for...ahem..."execessively noisy sex". If you desire, you can find the entire article at,CST-EDT-open16.article.

I had no idea that Great Britain had become such a part of the public's private life. I found the fact that they have 5 million closed-circuit television cameras to monitor people's outside behavior a bit troubling. And now, they have decided to move their way into the public's bedroom. The offending woman was previously banned from having excessively noisy sex in all of England because someone had previously reported her. According to the article, a neighbor can make a complaint that someone is disturbing the peace and ultimately get an Anti-Social Behavior Order issued against the offending party. This is what happened to our 48-year-old vocalist. Perhaps we should consider double sound-proofing our walls.

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Peter C. Bastianen said...

This is the least of our problems.