Sunday, November 30, 2008

Proper Service

Thank you very much for the warm welcome Michael! It's amazing how just a semester of law school can change how you look at the world, it's a whole new perspective with out a doubt! Below is a link for an article that I came across...I am a big fan of technology and I figured this might be some food for thought?

In brief, the article is about an Australian lawyer who convinced the courts to allow him to service a couple via facebook! After many unsuccessful attempts at serving the couple properly, the lawyer came across the woman's facebook page. The Judge granted permission, stipulating that the service was only to be given via their private emails such that the private matter would only be seen by the intended parties. It's not the first time the Australian courts gave permission for service in these ways (emails, text, etc.) The idea reminds me of what i learned in Civil Procedures in terms of proper service. Yet another way technology has opened a new chapter in the legal realm. I wouldn't be surprised if this method is attempted by attorneys in the U.S. in the near future?!

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