Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Growing our Blog

After approximately two weeks of just ignoring us, the Law School officially declined to have anything to do with us today. We were informed by the Law School to "understand that [our blog] is not in any way affiliated with the University or the Law School," and we were basically wished the best, just not with any help from them.

So, the email announcement that I had planned, and the possible link from the Law School's website, aren't going to happen anytime soon. But, despite that, I think that our blog has the potential to expand quite nicely in the next couple months. There are a good number of people who have indicated that they wish to contribute to this blog, we just haven't heard from everybody yet.

However, one doesn't need to write a post to contribute to this site. What we need right now is publicity. If anyone has any creative ideas to get the word out, post a comment to this blog, contact me directly, or just take it upon yourself to do some marketing. There are already other contributors to this blog contacting me about potential marketing ideas, we just need some more help.

It would be great to get our link out there, or get some written press, but word of mouth is probably the best marketing out there. Remember to mention this site to any of your former classmates. Also, if you learn that your opposing counsel, or other colleagues, are from NIU, please mention this site.

If enough people start following this blog, it is possible that it could turn into a nice referral system with people posting requests for services outside of their practice areas, asking for help covering court calls, etc.


The Northern Law Blog


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