Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Donald Trump is an Idiot

Donald Trump hired a prominent Manhattan law firm to represent him in a lawsuit against a contractor who Mr. Trump claims overcharged him in the construction of a golf course. Now, Trump is suing the law firm claiming that they also overcharged him. Click here for a post from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

The quote that is making all the headlines is where the Donald says that he has "a Ph.D. in legal fees," and that he "knows when fees are fair and when they're not." The quote that I found interesting, however, is where he says "We won the case because I am a great witness."

I hate clients like that. Nothing that the lawyers did in three years of pretrial practice made any difference whatsoever. The Donald showed up, testified for thirty minutes at trial, and single-handedly won the case. Great job, Mr. Trump.

On a side note, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog points out that the firm that Trump is suing employs Joshua D. Saviano, the former child actor who was once known as Paul, Kevin Arnold's best friend on the Wonder Years. Check out his profile on the firm's website.

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